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The best cheat sheet for switching to natural deodorant

Have you ever tried to switch to a natural deodorant and then gave up after a week or two because you just couldn't handle the smell anymore? Who in their right mind would volunteer to smell like BO for a while?! We already made it through the teenage phase, and most of us probably don’t want to go back, LOL. I suppose only if the benefits outweigh those consequences, right? In this case, they do....immensely, which is why more and more people are making the switch to natural deodorant. But when I was switching, the process for me was very long and super annoying, to be honest. But now that I have FINALLY completely ditched the conventional deodorant, I can share the helpful things I've learned to save you time, money, and some frustrations! This blog post is for you if you've thought about switching to natural deodorant before and are apprehensive about it, or if you've tried and it just didn't work out the first time. I am going to teach you how to switch over to natural deodorant as swiftly as possible by giving you the tricks I've learned, an understanding of what's going on with your body so that you can have realistic expectations, and a little motivation because you will know the benefits outweigh the consequences.


Let's start here because this will help you see the benefits that are waiting for you on the other side after switching deodorants. And just like everyone doing cold don't put yourself through that if there's not some benefits to come from it, you know?

I'm going to give you the BIGGEST reason that pushed me into being convinced I needed to make the swap, and that was: lymph nodes. If you Google a picture of lymph nodes, you'll find that there are a bunch all around your armpit area. Here's what you need to know about lymph nodes: they are really good guys that work to keep the body healthy by filtering out substances such as infections and cancer cells. And ladies…they are right next to your breasts, which was totally an eye opener for me as to why we need those lymph nodes working super well.

Now, think of a fish tank where the filter needs to be cleaned or changed out....what happens if your child keeps 'forgetting' to clean it? You know how dirty that water is going to get and you also know the chances of that fish surviving go down each day it's not changed ツ Our bodies suffer the same way when our filtration systems aren't working well.

So what can prevent our lymph nodes from working well? You probably guessed it ;) Deodorant that's full of ingredients that can clog the filter and/or overwhelm it. And considering we are slathering that on every day right next to our lymph nodes, I'd argue that it's pretty important!

Here's 2 big ingredients I try to stay away from now:

  1. Aluminum - A heavy metal toxin that definitely is not contributing to your well-being

  2. Synthetic fragrance - Kaelyn explains that so well on her blog, that I'm just going to share what she wrote, "Did you know that when you see the term “fragrance” on an ingredient label that it is a generic term used for over 3,000 chemicals? According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG)- an organization that researches and tracks hazardous chemicals- 1 in 20 of these chemicals were scored a high hazard score, 1 in 6 were scored a moderate hazard score, and 25 were scored a rating of 10- the highest, most concerning score. Some of these chemicals are known hormone disruptors, irritating to the central nervous system, causing itchy skin, or associated with an increased risk of cancer." You can read more from her blog post here.

If you take one thing away from this, I hope it's this: Our armpits have a huge role in keeping us healthy and they function as an exit, not an entrance. Be mindful of what you use and work to support it instead of clogging them and harming them! I love you and want you to stay healthy!


Alright, if you’re up for the challenge, I’m gonna break down the best ways to go about it in hopes of letting you know what to expect and making it as easy as possible for you!

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I want to help set you up with some realistic expectations. This is important because if you expect to be a good driver by your first lesson, you'll be pretty disappointed when that don't achieve that goal, which leads to you wanting to give up. But if you know that it takes months and months of practice, you'll feel a heck of a lot more confident in your ability to someday be a good driver, right?

Here's 3 expectations you need to know

  1. Expect to be smelly - The typical deodorant that you’ve been using for many years has been pushing bacteria and other stuff constantly back up into your armpits. It's like a clogged toilet that hasn't been unclogged in a LONGGGG TIME. You're so welcome for that visualツ Some of them even work to prevent you from sweating which means your body has never really gotten rid of all the junk that keeps accumulating up in your armpits. What people tend to see is that they are really smelly in the beginning, like the first couple weeks. After that, it's still going to take some time, but it won't be as bad.

  2. Expect this to take time - I'm not going to sugarcoat this, you will smell for a while. On average, it seems like people finally feel like they are in the clear after about 6ish months, but I noticed a lingering smell for almost a year. ROUGH. But the good news is that once you get past that initial worst part, it won't be as strong. So many people give up a week in, and they were so close to getting past the worst part!

  3. Expect to need different brands - I don't know why but it seems really common for different deodorants to work for different people. I also have often heard that a certain brand worked for someone for a while and then it all of the sudden stopped working for them. It's totally normal if everyone's favorite brand doesn't work for you!

Okay some of those expectations don't sound very fun....I know. Luckily, I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve to make the process as quick and easy for you!


If you made it this far, I figured you would really appreciate this picture ツ Alright so you're gonna smell and it's going to take time, how can we make this process as quick as possible? Here's what I have found to be the best process, and tips for making this as painless as possible for you!

  1. Detox! This is my biggest tip, and while you don't necessarily HAVE to do these, you'll want to because it's help get the junk out faster! This is done with a clay mask, which is super easy, but a little bit inconvenient. You just need 2 ingredients: Bentonite Clay and some Apple Cider Vinegar. Follow the directions on the clay label for how much of each to mix to make a paste. Afterwards, you layer that on your armpits (you can do your face too if you're feeling fancy, lol) and leave it on for 10 - 20 minutes. The very first time I probably did 10 minutes, and the other times I tried to go for 15-20 minutes. When time is up, I usually get in the shower and wipe off what I can with a wet paper towel and then take a shower to get the rest off. Bonus tip: try to do this when the babies are napping or when you're not needed for a bit, lol! I try to keep my arms somewhat elevated and I also try not to move too much to keep it from flaking off and making a mess. I have also read to try and not use deodorant for the rest of the day or even just a couple hours after the clay mask if you’re able to. But if I'm going somewhere, you bet your bottom dollar I am throwing some deodorant on!

  2. Detox often! Now that you know how to do that fun part, it's helpful to try and do a mask about once a week for a couple months or so. It just takes time and repetition for your body to get all that junk out. But the more you do a clay mask, the quicker you will stop smelling, which is a win! I think for the first couple weeks I did a clay mask every few days, then moved to once a week for a bit (or whenever I might have even been once every couple weeks), and now I do one once or twice a year whenever I start to notice a little smell ツ

  3. Try a neutralizer! If the smell is really bad, a neutralizer like lemon juice might help! Apply it slowly to make sure it doesn't burn and let it dry.

  4. Plan ahead! You can try to do this during a time of the year where you might be home more, or maybe more bundled up in general. During the winter might be a great time of the year.

  5. Try different brands! You might find that a natural deodorant works for a while for you and then all the sudden doesn't anymore. I have heard this many times, and it seems to be normal. If you find a brand that you really like and then you notice a smell again, I would suggest doing another clay mask/detox first and if that doesn't help, switch up your brands. You don't need to throw your old ones away either....after mixing it up, I have gone back and used old ones up and that's worked too. In the beginning I always had 2 different brands that I would switch between. My current favorite is Primally Pure and I also like Just Ingredients (although this one does tend to leave more white marks on your clothes).

Alright friend, that was a lot. You learned what's up with conventional deodorants and why it's worth switching to a natural one. You went through a little health class and learned the importance of lymph nodes and how we can keep those running smoothly. And you've learned some tips for having realistic expectations, and for making the process as painless as possible! If you decide to make the switch, tell me how it goes...I am rooting for you!

If you're wanting to make more switches in your home to keep lessening the burden on your body, I GOT YOU! I have a FREE guide on healthier lifestyle changes that shares my favorite swaps such as in the bathroom all the way to some of my favorite healthier food and drink options lately. You can grab that here!

Much love and I'm rooting for you,

Brittany ♡

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