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Both natural AND modern medicine

The more you delight in having both options, the more the world will delight in having both options ❀

Sometimes we have so many options and choices these days that it can almost feel like you can't win no matter which choice you make. You might know the pros and cons of the options. Or you might just be tired of hearing about the negatives of each option. Maybe, you feel like you want someone to tell you what to do because that would just be easier.

I get it.

I spend a lot of time looking into options and figuring out which option might be the best one for me and while I lean towards natural remedies first, that doesn't mean I can't use modern medicine too.

Can I offer you a thought to bring you some relief and a little more joy?

Just because you pick one option doesn't mean you always have to use that option.

How do I know? Because I use both! And I've been in situations where I've been so grateful for both options.

You might have a doctor that only uses one option, but you can see another doctor that uses the other option. You can have more than 1 provider. Or you can find one that uses both.

You might have an issue that you try a natural remedy for, but you can also use other options as needed. Or vice versa.

You might have an emergency situation where you need modern medicine immediately. And afterwards, you might support your body using natural remedies.

They worlds can compliment themselves really well and the more you delight in having both options, the more the world will delight in having both options. It's beautiful to watch them work together and both be used to help, heal, and restore.

You do not need to feel ashamed for using one over the other.

You do not need to feel overwhelmed and discouraged by picking only one option.

You can feel grateful for both.

You can pick one and know that the other one isn't going anywhere.

You can have a lot more joy knowing it is not one or the other, it's both.

Much love,

Brittany ♡

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