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Which is better? Book smarts or street smarts?

Updated: May 25

Raise your hand if you ever thought getting a degree was the way to become successful? You can't see me, but my hand is up, lol. But after some time, I think a lot of us started to realize (or maybe I should just speak for myself) that you don't need a college degree to be "successful". That's not to say that you shouldn't get one, just that maybe you don't necessarily need one....

For a while, I used to see degrees as stamps of approval that you knew EVERYTHING you were talking about. But then I got a degree in teaching and quickly realized that I, did in fact, NOT know everything about teaching!

But on the other hand, it might be a little bit crazy if anyone could jump in a classroom and be responsible for teaching them. (Don't worry you homeschool moms, you're not just anyone ツ)

What if both have something to offer?

I was reminded of this question that really got me thinking, "why do they have to be in opposition to each other?"

What if both have something to offer?

As I've slowly started to see both education and experience as valuable, it's made me stop trying to figure out "who's right and who's wrong" and instead focus more on: What does each person have to say? What can they learn from each other? What can I learn from each of them?

When we're always trying to figure out who "is better", we waste time that could instead be spent on gleaning wisdom from one another. Instead of being against each other, is it possible they could be for each other? Support one another?

Did you know that when I gave birth to my son I got to experience both a birth center with a midwife and a hospital with an OB? I loved my midwife/doula for their knowledge and confidence with natural birth and I loved my OB/nurses for their knowledge and confidence when things don't go to plan. I gained wisdom, comfort, and perspective from each. And the best part? They didn’t compete over who knew how to care for me best. They both had the same goal and provided care for me to have a safe delivery. They each had a valuable role to play. I'm so grateful God made each of them to have different knowledge and experiences so that they could each support me (and each other) through different aspects of my delivery. It was beatiful and like....MORE OF THAT, you know?

Seeing both as valuable =Halting comparison

The people with the experience and the people with the education are both valuable, both needed, and both can be impactful to the other. The more we see them as for each other, the more we will stop picking apart the other one and instead pull out the value they each bring. They both feel welcomed at the table and they stop competing with each other.

Imagine a group of people coming together to create curriculum for second graders. The company could bring in a bunch of people that have degrees to help create it and I'm sure it would be great. Or you could fill up the table with BOTH those that have degrees and moms that have second graders and I bet the curriculum they create together would be all encompassing and even better.

The more we see others as valuable regardless of which one they have, the more we will see ourselves as valuable too. And what a beautiful thing to know that we all bring value to the table.

Much love,

Brittany ♡

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