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When decisions feel heavy as a new mom

One of the best lesson’s God has taught me in this season of being a new parent is to lean on Him and the calm spirit He gave me.

I honestly think it’s pretty cool how much knowledge we can learn all around us (and often for free), but sometimes we can be in a not-so-good mindset to take on all that information too. It can quickly start to feel like you're being told completely opposite things and you start to snowball thinking you just can't win no matter which decision you make.

Sometimes when I start to feel uneasy about a decision, I have found myself turning to all kinds of different places looking for answers. It's so easy to get overwhelmed.

But I’ve noticed something.

Other times I’ve made a decision that just feels right....even though I’m not really sure if it is. And the difference is that instead of turning to everything under the sun, I trust the calm mind and the sound spirit the Lord gave me.

It looks like this: "I'm going to rock my baby to sleep because I want to and because that's what we both need right now", instead of this: "I don't know if I should, what will happen if I do?"

Trusting instead of questioning.

Praying instead of doubting.

Feeling content instead of feeling anxious.

And then it doesn’t really matter if someone tells me I made the wrong decision or if I later find out that it would have been easier to make the other decision. Because I know God made me their parent and He equipped me to make the best decisions that I can. He gave me the wisdom and knowledge to raise them up even when it's hard.

Maybe it’s the Holy Spirit or maybe it’s our intuition, or both (maybe they're the same thing?), but regardless, we know how to be their mom. And when we mess up, God guides us. Trust Him because He never will leave you to parent all by yourself.

Make the decision from that place of knowing.

Of knowing that God chose you to be their mom and you're just the mom they need.

Of knowing that what you decided is best for both of you.

Of knowing that God will guide you.

Of knowing that you have a sound mind and calm spirit.

Of knowing that there might not be a right or wrong and instead just God refining you.

And you’ll feel a lot more joy and confidence in the decisions you make. You'll also be able to take on a lot of other information more freely. But feel content in the decisions you make first.

Much love,

Brittany ♡

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