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I took my baby on a flight and people shocked me

I took my 8 month old on a flight by myself recently, and I was kind of dreading the travel part. I kept waiting for something to go wrong. You just never know what a baby is going to do, you know? And I've been on enough planes that have been delayed or cancelled. ツ

Anyways, I was expecting some pretty grumpy people. I mean, who enjoys having a baby on their flight? I was pretty anxious about it all and I felt bad for the people next to me before we even got on the flight, lol. But to my surprise, I was incredibly humbled by the kindness and helpfulness of all the people around me.

Our trip wasn't a direct flight, so we ended up being on 4 different flights, 2 each way for those non-math lovers. And EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT had multiple people asking if I needed any help, strangers that became BFF's with my baby, and people assuring me that it would be okay if Luke cried.

To say I was shocked, would be an understatement.

+ Why should you care?

Because I think when we constantly expect the worst in people, we miss out on the good they have to offer us. And the more good you expect, the more good you'll find. We all could use some more of that around us.

We need to be reminded of the goodness in people. Especially when sometimes, we see their worst sides. I think we can agree that we have all collectively been through A LOT the last few years, can I get an amen? And when money is tight and our beliefs are constantly on attack....sometimes we lose our cool, get a little defensive, and aren't our best least I'll speak for myself, lol.

I kept thinking how many times I’ve said “people suck” and sometimes am quick to expect the worst in them. But as people were surprising me in all the best ways, I think God was trying to show and remind me that people are so much more than what I expect sometimes. And I kept getting pleasantly surprised, over and over with the selflessness of others.

I was expecting people to be annoyed and frustrated with me having a baby on the flight, not for them to offer help and comfort.

It was such a beautiful reminder that people want to help, are willing to put others before themselves (for strangers), and have a heart to connect with you.

Sometimes, we just have to be willing to look for it or give them a chance to show it.

+ Look for the good

When you were learning to drive, did your dad ever tell you that if you’re sliding, to not look at a pole or the thing you DON'T want to crash into it? Just mine? He was just being cautious with my clumsy self. My dad always told me that, "you’ll go towards what you focus on."

And I think that couldn’t be truer....for a lot of things in life honestly.

Or if you didn't have a dad like mine, have you ever bought a new car and then all the sudden you see that same car EVERYWHERE?

What you look for, will often be what you find.


That doesn't mean you're not going to encounter some tough cookies or some poeple having a really hard day. But if all you expect is the worse, then there's a high probability of you finding that. Whereas, if you look for the good, you will find it, even in the most unexpected places.

+ How to look for more good

  • Assume the best: I think one of the ways I look for the good in others, is I always assume the best intentions. If someone cuts me in line, I assume they either didn't see me or they have something really serious going on, it's completely consuming them, and they need to go first. Another example is when someone tells me about something they’re trying to warn me about (even if it annoys me), I try to remember that they love me and just want me to stay safe.

  • Ask for help or start a conversation: I am really bad at asking for help and I was SO GRATEFUL when others just randomly offered me help. But, I do like to crack a joke or attempt to make the person next to me laugh. And even if we didn't talk for long (I'm not much of a talker anyways), I often found that even that little small talk created a bond. People were more likely to ask if I needed anything, be understanding, and care a little bit more.

  • Let your requests be made know to God: I love this one. I prayed so many small prayers before, during, and after this flight. I asked God to sit me next to understanding people. I prayed for a happy (or content, lol) baby. And I asked for him to help me not get motion sickness because I couldn't handle not feeling good on top of taking care of a fussy baby. I think it's a little more natural for us to go to God for the big things, but He cares about all the little details in your life too. He wants you to come to Him for EVERYTHING. Spend more time talking to him and you'll be amazed at the God winks in the smallest of details.

+ People are good

Yes, people sometimes suck.

I know, I sometimes do.

But people also are incredible.

We’re imperfect, but we're a package deal.ツ

And I’d argue that it makes the good moments so much sweeter because we know people can choose to be mean and ugly.

Why do you think God gave us free will?

How deep can the relationship really be if everyone is forced to love someone?

But choosing to love, be kind, be selfless when you can just as easy choose the opposite?

That’s the special, deep stuff.

And I hope that when I mess up and suck, people look for the best intentions I have and find the good in me.

Look for the good.

Find the good intentions.

Assume the best.

People will surprise you in all the best ways.

In joy,

Brittany 💓

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