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Headache Hacks: Less painkillers & more natural remedies

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

You might not know this about me, but I used to get headaches just about every single day. I had always struggled with them....but for about a year or 2, they started to get worse, more frequent, and pretty crippling.

I was at the mercy of medications and was losing my hope on figuring out how I could stop them.

I went on quite the journey of figuring out what was causing them. A lot of typical surface answers were just to use stronger medications and I knew those would just be hard on my body, especially long term. I also knew there had to be an answer for why I was getting them in the first place, it just was going to take some work to find it.

I mean when you struggle with something for a long time, it's usually because the answer to help them is not readily available, right? Lol. And while I spent time (a couple years honestly) finding the cause, I needed some relief in the meantime. To be more specific, relief that was a little bit better for my body.

Enter in....natural remedies.

I started learning about natural remedies and was always trying different ones. To my pleasant surprise, they often worked! They didn't work every time, but they significantly reduced my usage of other medications which was a huge relief. I could sometimes go a whole week without using anything else, which was pretty unheard of for me when my headaches were at their worst.

One of my favorite things about natural remedies is that there often is no harm in trying them first. If they don't work, then you can resort to more intensive options. But why not give them a shot first? If they do work, that's a win-win situation. It's super cool that we have so many options and if it's not a life threatening emergency, it's amazing to be able to have natural remedies that can help you and be far less invasive on your body that actually work.

Something that I've always found really interesting is that medications are usually built from constituents of plants (I hope I said that right, I'm not a scientistツ). Basically, they mimic nature. Sometimes I overlook natural options, but they clearly know what they're doing.

If I need more intensive options, I'm all for it. But if you're like me, and want to try some less intensive options first, I got you! I always feel relieved, thankful, and so happy when my natural remedies work. There's just something about learning something on your own that actually works for you and helps your feels pretty dang good ツ

I put together a free headache natural remedy guide just for you. These are all the best natural remedies that worked for me and I knew they could help other people that are actively searching for other options too.

Much love,

Brittany ♡

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