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8 things from the last 8 months of Luke

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

4 of my favorites from this month:

+ Luke loves to do "foreheads" where he slowly taps his forehead against your forehead and I think that's his current love language, lol.

+ He has discovered his tongue and anytime you see him these days, he most likely is sticking out his tongue. It's very hard to take him seriously.

+ He is his happiest self when he is getting into anything that he's not supposed to get into. Doesn't matter if toys are surrounding him, he would prefer to search out the item that he is not supposed to touch.

+ Luke's little curly Q that he has going on with his hair is just getting thicker and it's pretty hilarious.

4 things I've learned/been reminded of this month:

+ Some days can feel so unproductive and like you didn't accomplish anything. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Here's how I know that to be true. God shows us countless times how special children are. He warns us to never get in the way of their relationship with Jesus. He tells us the kingdom is theirs. And what an honor it is to be trusted to raise these sweet kids and tell them how much Jesus loves them. The enemy likes to make us feel like chasing around crawling babies and filling up the sink with more dishes is unproductive and useless. But making meals for our family to connect, laugh, and show love for each other over is the most rich work we could ever do. Our kids seeing the love of Jesus pour out of us while chasing them around the house is the most fruitful work, even if by the 8th time of picking them up we're about done ツ

The days where I feel like I "just" kept a baby alive and didn't burn the house down are not wasted days. They're days spent serving the precious kids God has trusted us to raise up. That's eternal and soulful work.

+ Growing is really hard work! I don't know who decided to have a growth spurt, teething, a sleep regression, and then more teething but it's kind of lame. That's it. That's what I learned. It's lame.

+ Interruptions happen, like all day long, lol. But I was reading this bible verse the other day....children were running up to Jesus and the disciples reprimanded the children. Jesus stopped and immediately told the disciples to never forbid the children from seeing Him for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. And I think it's such a beautiful reminder that the other work we do can always be interrupted by the most important work we will ever do. I have been interrupted about 18 times just writing this blog, and I'm reminding myself at this very moment that God knows each and every interruption, and He not only gives us grace, I think He gives us a little God-wink when we get interrupted to serve, bless, and love on our kids.

+ Dogs and babies?! Basically the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.

4 + 4 makes 8, so that's all I have for today folks.

Much love,

Brittany ♡

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