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7 Month Old Lukey

We have a 7 month old....a happy sunshine 7 month old!

Some of my favorite things from this month:

+ Luke does an army crawl that kind of looks like if you just ran 20 miles and your legs aren't really working but you really want to crawl to the kitchen and get a bowl of ice cream, or something like that.

+ He hates real food and isn't really a fan of water, but will keep trying it in hopes that it might taste different each time. He gives the best disgusted looks and is confused on why anyone would ever want anything other than milk for the rest of their lives.

+ He loves to be outside and if you take him out there he will probably not make a peep for a long time and just stare in amazement at all the outside world has to offer. He makes me get outside more, which I love :)

Things I've learned this month:

+ To say yes to help ツ I am so bad at this....but when people offer help, I've been trying to just say, yes. People show their love in a variety of ways and I think having a baby has helped me see that it's not only okay to take help, but it's important. It's what creates the village that every family needs. I am continually amazed at how amazing people are that live near and far. I think whether it's a text or an offer to watch Luke, it's helpful and it's humbling to watch others show how much they love you when your family grows.

+ Being a parent is such an honor and a privilege. It's something I have never taken lightly, which is partly why we never had kids for so long. We don't deserve their kind hearts, their sweet smiles, and their pure innocence but it sure is a blessing to be a part of. It's an honor that God chooses us to be their parents and thank goodness He doesn't leave our side because Lord knows we need His help, lol.

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