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Joy in Motherhood, Homeschooling, and Work | BM Blog

Image by Candice Picard
  • Tips for ending chronic headaches that aren't talked about

  • Hope after years of letdowns, worry, and discouragement

  • Reframed thoughts to bring you more joy during this journey

  • 5 practical ways to start healing your headaches naturally


Devotions for Recovering Overachievers

From graduating college in 3 years to "get it over with" TO working to love slow days in my warm and cozy home, wanting to bake nourishing meals for my family, and embracing being a joyful homemaker that’s the backbone to a Jesus-loving family. Righteous impact starts in your home! These devotions will:

  • Help you frantically stop feeling like you're behind

  • Reframe your thoughts when all you see is failing 

  • Stop feeling stuck in fear of not doing something perfectly

A brother and sister laughing and having fun
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