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5 favorite things that have upgraded my month

Updated: 6 days ago

From the Bible, to walking, to Rachel Hollis?! I'm a little all over the place, but hey, I like to keep things exciting, lol. I enjoy when people share their favorite things, so I thought I would do some of my favs lately. You'll have to check these out and let me know what you think!

#1 - Bible Highlighters

Okay this might be silly, but I swear the little things bring me the most joy sometimes lol. These little bible highlighters have been such a fun addition to my bible time! It's a simple thing that helps me slow down and not rush through The Word as much and brings a little more joy to that big ole book ツ They aren't like typical highlighters, but they don't bleed through the pages. They have lots of different color options too!

#2 - Walking Pad/Pedometer

I have had to get a little bit creative these days with figuring out how to still be active with a desk job and a VERY wild 1 year old ツ I started tracking my steps and was really surprised to see that I was only getting 3-5k steps a day, and I move around the house quite a bit throughout the day. I thought a good way to up my physical activity was doubling my step count. I figured that a walking pad would be an easy way to get steps in and still be able to work so I could easily fit it into my schedule. After a year of wanting a walking pad, I finally grabbed this one for $150 (more expensive without Prime FYI) and have been LOVING IT! I look forward to getting out of my chair and doing some work/walking time each day, and I just feel like a more active person in general. I have been able to hit my goal of 10,000 steps surprisingly pretty easy with some minor tweaks, and sometimes even go for more for the fun of it. I was listening to someone share about a study the other day that found getting in just 8,000 steps a day significantly protects you against all cause mortality (any disease you can probably think of), which is so cool! Walking is so underrated!

#3 - The Intentional Parents Podcast

I had a friend share a reel from this Podcast one day, so I listened to a few episodes and was instantly hooked! It's all about parenting (and more) from a biblical perspective in the modern world we live in. I have gained so many little nuggets of wisdom, and it's brought me a lot more peace and joy around my own parenting, and what's to come. I almost want to do chores these days because I know it's time I get to listen to a podcast and it makes those chores a lot more enjoyable, lol. The latest episodes I listened to were titled "Parenting Through Emotions, Navigating the "I Feel, Therefore I Am Culture" and The Power of Emotions as God-Given Tools" and "Sinful anger, strategic disappointment, and to spank or not to spank? The BOX: Part 2".

#4 - The thought: "I have 10 minutes"

Do you ever say, "There is never enough time in the day?!" Because same, lol. Time is a wild thing and I'm constantly working on my mindset around it. Anyways, this thought has been really serving me lately. I love blogging and working on growing my blog, but I never feel like I get enough time to work on it. And as soon as I start to say that, it's easy for me to think about 8 different things I need to do and then before I know it, 30 minutes have gone by and I spent the whole time stressing. Instead, I've been trying to say, "I have 10 minutes, what's one thing I can do in that 10 minutes?" And I remember that God knows my capacity. If I can be faithful with the 10 minutes that I have, then that's 10 minutes more than I previously spent. In 1 week, that's over an hour working towards the goal I have and being faithful with the time God gives me. Life isn't a race. Small progress over time is still progress. And trusting that God will do incredible things in the small progress you make each day....well that's the kind of faith I want to have.

#5 - The Rise and Ruin of Rachel and Dave Hollis

OKAY if you haven't heard about this series, you have to check it out! The title kind of makes it sound like it's a gossip story about their life, but it's not. Chalene Johnson, the person that spent hundreds of hours creating these episodes, is doing some incredible work with these. If you don't know - these 2 were very influential and followed by millions, but many turned on them. Chalene does a huge deep dive into their life to not only help us gain perspective that we deeply need (and a ton of empathy), but she also tells this story while reflecting on her own life as she is also in the influencer space. I think she does a wonderful job at helping us take in the story and reflect on our own lives with social media. She doesn't villainize it, but rather helps us to view it as "proceed with caution". She explains how their story could happen to anyone, and it brings to light the importance of our words, our time, and our priorities. It's SO SO good. She has it on Patreon right now for $5 a month, but you can get a free 7-day trial and binge most of them right now (she still has a couple more episodes to finish).

Have you used/tried any of these things? Reply to this blog and tell me your thoughts!

Much love and I'm rooting for you,

Brittany ♡


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