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My Baby Favs - As a Kinda Crunchy Mom ツ

Updated: Mar 26

When I was pregnant and working on my baby registry, I was searching everywhere for baby favorites! I really appreciated when people shared all the items they loved (I wanted to know it all), so I thought I would do my part and share my favorites too (many of which I learned about from other moms). Plus, I really appreciated having some sort of starting point since I had no idea what all I needed for a baby, and I knew I couldn't possibly think of everything on my own. I hope this guides you to finding some of your favorites and saves you a lot of time! Let me know if there's something I'm missing on here that you absolutely love.♡

Side note....I always try to go for the best natural options that I can find, but I also am not rich nor do I always love the natural options, lol. My philosophy is to do my best, but also not lose my mind or all my money ツ

Before I share all the products, I have to also share with you this $29 birth class that was amazing! This tremendously helped me be more mentally prepared and stay calm throughout my crazy labor that you can read about here.


  • Millie Moon Diapers - A middle of the road option in terms of being non-toxic, for the same price as Costco diapers. I also recently learned that Millie Moon now puts chlorine in their diapers, so we have been using Thrive Market Diapers more and love them as well.

  • Honest Wipes - We love these!

  • Wipe Warmer

  • Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream - So worth the money...a little bit goes a long ways and we rarely get diaper rashes with this stuff.

  • Diaper Balm - Kind of like the diaper rash cream, but I have found that the diaper rash cream seems to be more preventable and this works really well after the fact, plus I use it on all his other body rashes/eczema!

  • Diaper Pail

  • Changing Pad - The Keekaroo (or any wipeable changing pad) is probably easiest, but it was just too big to fit on our dresser (where we have the changing pad) so I got this one instead and have a few covers for it that make it cute!


  • Moonwomb Pillow - The best quality! I use this for breastfeeding now, but I also used it as my pregnancy pillow and it was perfect! I love that it can easily mold into lots of different shapes.

  • Burp Rags - The trick of using cloth diapers as burp rags (thank you mom friends) is the best, they are the most absorbent and always the ones I reach for first!

  • Philips Avent Bottles - I wanted to go with the glass Dr. Brown's ones but didn't want to be washing lots of parts, so I went with these and we LOVE that they came with 4 different nipple flows...I think they have really helped Luke go between a bottle and breastfeeding easily. We have a few other types of bottles and milk just comes so fast out of every other one we have tried!

  • Bottle Drying Rack

  • Breast Pump - My insurance covered this one and it works great. Definitely look into your health insurance before purchasing because most seem to cover the plug-in ones! Side note - I did try a hands-free pump for a while, but I haven't felt I needed one since I work from home. If I was out and about more, I'm sure I would prefer a hands-free one, but the spectra just seems to work the best in general!


  • Bassinet - I know every family is different with sleeping set-ups, but we've just always had Luke sleep in his bassinet at night and he does really good with it, so he must like this one lol. You can unzip the side, so it feels like he's sleeping right next to me, and it makes it easy to get him in and out (especially for those first few days postpartum).

  • Bassinet Sheets - I had to ask my cousin if we needed bassinet sheets because I didn't know how things worked and we already had crib sheets, like jeez. These are super cute though.

  • Hatch Sound Machine - This is just really nice to have. It's so nice to have for middle of the night wakings/feedings and you can continue to use it as they get older as it has a lot of other settings. We have it running most of the day and night with white noise and the different light options are so nice to have! Pro tip - keep it across the room (and not near their heads/bodies) to help with less radiation for those sweet babies.

  • Ollie Swaddle - Luke's always LOVED being swaddled and this one has worked so well. It's also nice that babies can have one arm out as that has been helpful as we transition out of a swaddle and to a sleep sack.

  • Woolino Sleep Sack - We have a couple sleep sacks and we love them all, but this one just tops them all because it is such good quality, is great for cold and hot temps, and you can use it from 2 months to 2 years!

  • Crib

  • Crib Mattress - A nontoxic mattress is a priority for me since half their life is spent sleeping!

  • Crib Sheets

Around the House

  • BabyBjorn Bouncer - We loveeeee this bouncer. I try to make sure Luke is getting lots of floor time throughout the day, but when he's not on the ground, then he's usually in this bouncer and he will bounce forever. We tried swings and he never really liked them. We take this bouncer everywhere with us. These are great to find on FB marketplace too.

  • Activity Mat - I don't think you can really go wrong with any mat you get, but we've been liking this one.

  • Hangers

  • Closet Dividers

  • Bebcare Baby Monitor - I love this one because it's low radiation, which affects babies a lot more. There's probably better quality ones out there, but I have no complaints with this one.

  • Dresser

  • Infant Car Seat

Things for Mom

  • Silverette - These worked really well for me and typically work better than any creams!

  • Booby Tubes - These work great for mastitis or clogged ducts. I love that you can freeze them or heat them up because sometimes you need both those options!

  • Inner Defense - GAME CHANGER for mastitis.

  • Any big (40 oz) water bottle with a straw!

  • Diaper Bag - My husband really wanted me to get this one and we both love it, lol

  • Sunflower Lecithin - I took these regularly as a preventable for mastitis and then when I started getting symptoms of that, I took them often and they really helped.

  • Wishgarden AfterEase - A tremendous help with those afterbirth contractions.

  • Breast Pads - I used these disposable ones a lot in the beginning when my milk came in fast and furious.

  • Belly Birth and Beyond Kit - I used everything in this kit. I loved all of it so much. It was a wonderful gift I received.

Health and Wellness

  • Gripe Water Drops - This has worked so well for us on a couple fussy nights where Luke was just inconsolable!

  • Vitamin D Drops

  • Sleepyize Oil - My favorite oil to diffuse or rub on Luke, especially if he's having a fussy night....don't parent without oils, lol.

  • Tummygize Oil - A gentle oil that I rub on Luke's belly anytime I think he has a tummy ache, if you don't think oils work, this one will 100% change your mind (works on babies and adults).

  • Nail Trimming Scissors - These will change your life. Seriously, get them.

  • Earthly Supplements - I'm just going to link the website because they have so many great baby products to have on hand!

  • Wellements - I grabbed this baby feel better bundle to have on hand for when Luke gets sick. They are a great company and I've heard great things about their products. This bundle also comes with a balm that I've been using on Luke's rashes and cradle cap.

  • Primally Pure - Another great band that has a great balm (with tallow) and baby oil.

  • Cradle Cap System - We use this in the bath once or twice a week and it works great!

  • Teething Drops - We've used these a few times already and they have been a lifesaver.

Bath Time

Miscellaneous Baby Gear

  • Solly Baby Wrap - Okay if I had to pick only one item off this list, this would be it...well maybe after diapers and wipes, lol. Luke took pretty much all of his naps in this wrap and it's the only thing that kept our sanity. Since he was born, he would literally go most of the day without napping and any naps he did take were like 15 minutes. Once I tried out this wrap and he took a 2-hour nap, I was sold, and he pretty much lived in it ever since. The better sleep he got during the day in this wrap, we noticed the better sleep he got at night too!

  • Carriers - There's so many carriers out there and you really can't go wrong. Just look for one where their knees are sitting above their bum, like this post explains. We are loving our Happy Baby carriers.

  • MAM or BIBS pacifiers - I watched a birth class that recommended both of these pacifiers for healthy oral development and I think it's smart to have some different ones on hand - Luke loves the MAM ones right now.

  • Car Mirror

  • Nuby Bibs - I was gifted these and we just started using them since Luke has been drooling constantly and we love them!

  • Portable Sound Machine - This has already come in handy when we're not at home for his naps.

Some people I follow that share great non-toxic recommendations that I got a lot of ideas/help from:

I'm sure I'm missing things, but I hope this helps you! Let me know what else I'm missing or anything you love!

Much love,

Brittany ♡

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