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4 Month Old Lukey

Happy 4 months to the sweetest boy I've ever met!

You're a rolling machine (well onto your belly and then you get mad and can't remember how to get back on your back, lol). You giggle and smile all the time. I think your bottom 2 teeth are close to coming in, but I've been thinking that for a while now. Your smile lights up a room we are blessed to witness it.

Some of my favorite things from this month:

+ Luke got to meet so many people this last month and he had quite a few events to attend! He did great and gave lots of smiles. He just didn't love Uncle Conner's graduation and the clapping every 5 seconds, that was mom's bad, lol.

+ Luke really pays attentions to the dogs lately and loves to watch them and their craziness. They almost act like another babysitter because he will just stare at them forever. And anytime they get their faces close to his, Luke always gives them a smile.

Things I've learned this month:

+ That you can never take too many pictures and videos, am I right?! Like I realize you're doing the same pose that I have 27 other pictures of, but you're in a different outfit now, so I need to take this picture too.

+ The days feel so fragile and special with a baby. It's hard to describe it. I feel so thankful to be living each day and raising a tiny human. It's a blessing to watch them learn something that's simple to us, but a huge milestone to them, like reaching for a toy. You can feel the importance of each moment raising a tiny human and while your heart feels more vulnerable, it also makes you feel more love for each day and all the small moments that we get to experience. I wouldn't want it any other way.

+ While the smiles and giggles are just about the cutest thing in the world, I still think they're the cutest when they sleep, for multiple reasons, lol. I can't handle the sucking lips, the arms flailed by their heads or on the person they're sleeping on, and their innocence.

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